Tour route
Lantern-making village, Thanh Ha pottery village, Kim Bong carpentry village
8 AM / 5 PM
Tour type
Day Trips

Hoi An Bicycle Tour

Alongside the old town of Hoi An, traditional craft villages started to bloom such as: Thanh Ha pottery village, and Kim Bong Village. Most tourists who visit Hoi An are surprised by the huge array of beautiful items on sale in the shops and boutiques and with our tour you will have the chance to discover how to make some of the local products and cycle through beautiful countryside of Hoi An, across quiet paths and small alleyways, pass through the charming village and emerald-green rice paddies.

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Hội An 17We will start cycling from hotel to the first traditional occupation village: lanterns. We will cycle through many gardens planting pink roses, yellow chrysanthemum and sweet potato rows, peanut, and bean or sweet corn farms on our way. We visit lantern-making village to take a look at how these beautiful lanterns are made. Then we will go along Thu Bon River to reach Thanh Ha pottery village which appears peacefully with bamboo ranges and grey or white smoke columns. Here we discover the daily life of the villagers. View the various stages of producing the many kinds of pottery products like: jar, vase, pot, earthen pot, decorative lamps and so on.


Kim Bong 1

From this village, we will get on a boat to go down the river and then cross it to go to the other bank, to the third village: Kim Bong carpentry village. Hop back on a bicycle to see the village with shipbuilding yard, temples, and workshops. Admire the fine craftsmanship practiced at Kim Bong such as: mats weaving & coracle boats making, and pass through scenic countryside with paddy fields and a bamboo bridge. Your tour also includes a refreshing sample of local seasonal fruits and product.  We say goodbye to the skillful workers, and get on the boat to go back to Hoi An dock.

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