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Flight Ticketing

Internal flight coverage viagra online prescription usa. is pretty good in Vietnam with frequent flights to many cities. The price is reasonable and airfare can be altered without any difficulty.


Flight booking tips: It is recommended to book Vietnam Airlines flights with local travel agents because it is significantly more expensive to book domestic flights outside of Vietnam.


Vietnam Airlines is the dominant and exclusive air carrier on domestic Vietnam air routes with regular flights to over 15 destinations. Vietnam Airlines flies a modern fleet of Boeing 777 and 767 aircraft, Airbus 321 and 320 aircraft, ATR 72 aircraft, and Fokker 70 aircraft.


On-time arrival, on-time departure and the safety record flagyl ovulos. of Vietnam Airlines is excellent compared to any international standards. Though cabin service does not quite yet match international standards, reliability, performance and constantly improving service are the hallmarks of Vietnam Airlines.


Jetstar Pacific Airlines Joint Stock Aviation Company (operating as Jetstar Pacific) is a low-cost airline headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It operates domestic and international services, as well as charter flights. Its main base is Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Ho Chi Minh City. Formerly known as Pacific Airlines, the airline was renamed Jetstar Pacific on 23 May 2008, to become part of the Jetstar LCC network operated by its 18% shareholder Qantas. It is intended that Jetstar Pacific will have a fleet of up to 30 Airbus A320 aircraft by 2014 to support expansion.


Hanoi – Dalat – Hanoi 2,5,6,7 1h40′ 112 224
Hanoi – Danang – Hanoi 3 flights per day 1h10′ 82 164
Hanoi – Dien Bien- Hanoi Twice daily 1h00′ 57 114
Hanoi – Hue – Hanoi 3 flights per day 1h10′ 82 164
Hanoi – HCMC – Hanoi 9-10 flights per day 2h00′ 115 230
Hanoi – Cam Ranh – Hanoi Daily 1h40′ 112 224
Hanoi ai??i?? Buon Me Thuot – Hanoi Twice daily (1stop) 4h20′ 112 224
Hanoi – Playcu Twice daily (1 stop) 4h20′ 103 206
HCMC – Phu Quoc – HCMC 4 flights per day 1h00′ 60 120
HCMC – Buon Me Thuot – HCMC Daily 1h00′ 53 106
HCMC – Dalat – HCMC Daily 0h45′ 500 100
HCMC – Danang – HCMC 3 flights per day 1h00′ 82 164
HCMC – Haiphong – HCMC Daily 2h00′ 115 230
HCMC – Hue – HCMC 3 flights per day 1h20′ 82 164
HCMC – Cam Ranh Nha Trang- HCMC 3 flights per day 1h00′ 63 126
HCMC – Chu Lai – HCMC 1,4 1h40′ 72 144
HCMC – Pleiku – HCMC Daily 1h15′ 60 120
HCMC – Quy Nhon- HCMC Daily 1h25′ 63 126
HCMC – Tuy Hoa – HCMC 3,5,7 1h15′ 57 114
HCMC – Vinh – HCMC Daily 1h45′ 103 206
Danang – Buon Me Thuot – Danang Daily 1h10′ 60 120
Danang – Cam Ranh – Danang Twice daily 1h15′ 63 126
Danang – Quy Nhon – Danang 1,3,6 1h00′ 50 100
Danang – Pleiku – Danang Daily 0h50′ 53 106



We kindly request you to supply all contact addresses for your time away from home, including telephone, mobile phone. This will enable us to contact you immediately in event of any irregularity with a flight on which you are booked.

If your travel plans change, we request that you cancel any flight reservations that you may have made. If you do not, all connection and return bookings shall be automatically cancelled.

ai??i?? Please contact us to have good prices


– The currency exchange : US$ 1 = VND 19.000

– The Child ticket rate :10 % of Airlines public sales rate for the child under 2 years old

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– Having promotion special rates apply for low season