Area: 1956 sq km 
Population: 657,100 
Provincial capital: Vung Tau City

Con Dao Island looks like a bear rising from the sea to east of the most southern point of the country. Originally a prison for patriots and revolutionists during the French and American resistance, Con Dao Island sheltered brave revolutionary spirits of the Vietnamese people. More than 22,000 prisoners who dedicated their lives to national independence were incarcerated on the isolated island of Con Dao.

Con Dao Island is also famous for its nice beaches shaded with evergreen trees, fresh air, clear blue waters, and primitive forests. Some of those beaches include Dam Trau Hang Duong and Phi Yen where visitors can relax and enjoy the warm temperature.

Ho Chi Minh City investors built the Phi Yen Sea Resort to accommodate visitors. The best time to visit Con Dao Island is from March to June, when the sea is calm.

Con Dao 180 km off the coast of Vung Tau

– By boat:  Ship is operated to Con Dao Island (12 hours sailing from Vung Tau) 
– By air:   Viet Nam Air Service Company (VASCO) operates flights (Helijet) between Saigon and Con Dao , three times a week. In Ho Chi Minh city, 114 Bach Dang Rd.,Tel: 08 8445999 
There is also flight from Vung Tau to Con Dao Island on Saturday at 27 Quang Trung blv., Vung Tau, Tel: 64 859577.

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